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4 years experience

Gospodja je neko vrijema brinula o mami i imam sve rijeci hvale za nju. Preporucam apsolutno!!!

— sinisa


20 years experience

Vrlo draga gospođa, vidi se da ima iskustva s djecom, moja curica ju je odmah prihvatila. Ponovno ćemo se predbilježiti za čuvanje kada bude potreb...

— Monika


40 years experience

Pouzdana, prijazna, izvrsna u kontaktu s djecom. Sa svaku preporuku!

— Goran


20 years experience

Gospođa Nedime je čuvala naše dijete od 1.-3. godine. Izuzetno odgovorna, topla, neposredna, komunikativna i stručna. Sin je s njom uspješno prošao...

— Tanja

Every babysitting booked on is insured up to 35 000 €*.

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The most important thing parents are interested in before the babysitting itself is their children’s safety.

Therefore, have their own Verification Centres , three levels of online verification and above all, ratings from other parents. Check also 9 tips regarding your first babysitting experience.

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