What are the verification options for the users?

19048 users. Everything works thanks to the community and trust.

You know your home and family best.

Siterice.hr knows that you have your own requirements when choosing someone to take care of your family and household. That is why we have created a place where sitters and the demand side can communicate directly.

The choice of care is always dependent on the users, Siterice.hr will never send you anybody and won't try to find anyone for you.

Verification by the users not verified

We always recommend that as an integral part of the verification process. They want to know the experience of the other party whether they meet your expectations and verify their identity. Please, be demanding when choosing the care for your family and household.

Look at recommendations how to proceed with your selection

Verification in the Verification centres

The sitter has arrived at the Verification Centre in Prague, Brno or Bratislava., We have talked to her, checked her ID, clean criminal record and a lot of certificates and school reports that everyone is proud of. Such verified sitters can be recognized by green labels.

Verification in the Verification centres in detail

Video verification

During the video verification, we examine the ID card and verify it against duplicate registrations. You will recognize those verified sitters according to the green label with a tick on the white field.

How does video verification work?

Comments and Ratings

Satisfaction of the users and sitters is crucial for us and we consider that one of the most important verifications at all. Users show their own experience with the sitters through giving references which you can see on the profiles at the top. Each of them contains stars at the beginning - 5 stars means the highest satisfaction.