The best housekeepers are the sitters

We know that the best housekeepers are those who are able to look after children.

Why to choose a housekeeper at

We have found out that the babysitters are also able to do the most effective and efficient cleaning. We know that choosing the one from the babysitters might discourage some people, but we consider them the best candidates.

Therefore, at, care-givers can have a babysitter profile, cleaning one or both of them.

We have a clear idea of cleaning

Petr Šigut: "We do not build our business on recruiting any women at the labour office and sending them from cleaning to cleaning the whole day. I want the housekeeper to be cultivated and the fact that she is able to manage everything around children is a good assumption."

Václav Kuna: "As a father of four and soon of five children, I I do not want her to take a floor cloth to wash their toys :) The sitter needs to have a sense of help at home. In addition, my wife wants to choose the helper on her own and it would not be convenient for her if every week comes somebody different and unknown."

Do you want to know who will arrive at your place?

At you can choose yourself a sitter staying at your place for as long as you arrange. You can show to a housekeeper where the clean bed linen is, where she can find the iron and what is essential to have your home cleaned.

At you pay only for a membership. We do not take any commission on cleaning and you can arrange the cleaning with the housekeeper according to your needs.